Sioux Falls Homes for Rent

 When you need the support of a full team of real estate experts to maintain and manage your property, trust Luke Properties. Our experienced and knowledgeable team maximizes the experience for our tenants and investors.

Our Services

• Lease Contracts

• Deposit Collections

• Rent Collections

• Past Due Notices

• Evictions Services

• Collections

• Legal Services

Sioux Falls Homes for Rent

The goal of our property management team is to maximize your long-term investment.  Because we also are also owners in each property, we know first hand the importance of finding the best tenants, minimizing turn-over and keeping properties in excellent condition.  The rewards for this work will pay off in dividends!

Save Yourself Time and Stress

• Maintenance Requests

• Coordinate Requests

• 24 Hour Emergency Lines
• Routine Inspections

• Property Maintenance

• Grounds Maintenance

• Insurance Coordination

We recognize that our tenants and property owners are busy and want to enjoy their free time. 

We allow you to focus on other things while we maintain your properties. We handle

marketing, filling vacancies, tenant requests and property maintenance,

so you can spend your day elsewhere.

Our Commitment to You

Our Team

Homes for Rent Sioux Falls

• Property Marketing

• Phone Answering

• Property Showings

• Applications

• Tenant Placement

• Background Checks

• Credit Checks

The Pillar of Property Management

• Property Reports

• Owner Statements

• Direct Deposit

• Pay All Property Bills

• Coordinate Tax Returns

• Property Renovations

• Property Sales

With years of experience and a portfolio of our own, we have the knowledge and resources to professionally manage any property.  We make residents feel at home by providing professional management, maintenance and customer service. For our owners, this means quality, long term tenants, lowering costs and maximizing returns.

Sioux Falls Homes for Rent